Wikimania London 2014


From 6-10th August, London will be hosting Wikipedia’s biggest conference to date. With over 2000 people expected from around the world and over 200 sessions, Wikimania 2014 will be the place to be.

  • The conference is organised around five questions with big implications for the future:
  • Social Machines: How Can Online Communities Unlock Humanity’s Potential?
  • The Future of Education: Now That Wikipedia Has Done Everyone’s Homework, What’s Left to Teach?
  • Democratic Media: Must All Media Be Commercially Driven?
  • Open Scholarship: What Happens When The Cutting Edge of Human Knowledge is Available To All?
  • Open Data: What Can We Build When The Sum Of All Human Knowledge is Machine Readable?

There will also be lectures from prominent leaders across technology, media and education; including Jimmy Wales, Sir Nigel Shadbolt and Lila Tretikov. You can see the rest of the programme here:
You can buy tickets here:


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