HERC Mendeley Library

As a follow-up to the HERC Lunchtime Seminar led by Professor Ronald Barnett on 11 October 2013, the outline of which can be found on the Presentations page, four of his articles can now be found in the Research in Higher Education Group in HERC’s Mendeley Library.

The bibliographic details for these articles can be found as open access records on Mendeley, along with links, where available, to the databases in which the full texts are held and to which, as members of the University of Westminster, you have access.

However, to make the most of HERC’s Mendeley Library, and of the features of Mendeley more generally, you should create a Mendeley account, download the desktop version of Mendeley and join the Research in Higher Education Group. From there, you can begin to build up your own sophisticated full-text research library.

If you would like help to do this, contact Allan Parsons by email: a.parsons(at)westminster.ac.uk

Alternatively, come along to Allan’s Mendeley Lunch and Learn workshop to be held in the Training Room, first floor, Marylebone Library on Thursday 7 November 2013 at 1pm-2pm.

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