Work Based Learning E-Journal International


Deadline for submissions: 30 October

Contributions which advance explorations and developments in the field of work based learning are welcome for inclusion in the Work Based Learning e-Journal International. Contributions from a field characterised by trans-disciplinarity and diversity are wanted that encourage and stimulate dialogue and debate across a growing global community.

Contributions may take the form of reflective case studies, empirical research and theoretical analysis and can be presented as a paper, poster, other digital media eg collage, short video, short digital audio recording. Both multi authored and single authored contributions are valued.

Themes of interest to the journal:

Work based learning inquiry design and methodologies
Evaluation research of the field
Strategic analysis and corporate governance
Moral, legal and labour issues
Accreditation issues, standards, quality assurance and quality enhancement issues
International perspectives on benchmarking
Knowledge management and power relations
Researcher, practitioner and public policy maker collaborations
Philosophical, cultural and educational developments in pedagogy
Gender relationships, age, equality and ethnicity
Employer/stakeholder/community developments in professional practice
Developing practices and changing knowledge regimes
Making identities


Original papers addressing the above themes of 4,000 -10,000 words will be subject to peer review.

Project summaries, opinion articles, reflective accounts related to the above themes of 3,000 – 5,000 will be included in the Dialogue and Debate section

Other contributions

Book reviews, obituaries, conference reports, outstanding honours and awards from and to the community

Contact wblejournal(at)

Please feel free to make contact with the editorial board regarding the suitability of your contribution


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